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Can’t Beat Experience!

29 years of creativity, sign & graphics manufacturing, design & logo designs, installations, trouble-shooting and problem-solving.

Family Owned and Operated

Genuine Friendly Service. If we can’t help you , we’ll be glad to recommend another company we feel can help. Hopefully, you’ll remember us the next time you have a need.

We’re involved daily in every aspect of your product’s evolution to ensure quality, timeliness and happiness. We’ll be here tomorrow and, God-willing, 10 years from now.

Competitively priced with our local and regional competitors. If not, please tell us so we can make sure we’re comparing “apples-to-apples”. If it is identical, we’ll be happy to match their price!


We use eco-friendly inks and we recycle all of our waste paper and plastic goods.


All of our materials are time-tested for fading, chipping, cracking, peeling by their manufacturers and offer warranties on said items. Creative Sign and Banner will choose the proper materials for the right job.

All labor for vehicle wraps are performed by PDAA Certified Wrap Installers. If something doesn’t come out to your satisfaction, we’ll make it right.


No revolving door on employees or trainees here!

In addition, we have no royalty fees to pay which means more times than not, you pay less. Almost 10% of the money you pay a sign franchise goes out of state. Help keep our state economy growing!

A Geographical Miracle! – Centrally Located

Our facility is just off of Airline Hwy in Metairie, LA, near the Jefferson / Orleans parish line. Can’t come to us? We can come to you!
10 minutes from downtown New Orleans
10 minutes from Kenner
10 minutes from Causeway Bridge
15 minutes from Gretna
20 minutes from Destrehan

Not Cheaper than Internet-Based Companies

…and proud of it!

“You get what you pay for” has been a motto for over a century and it stands to reason why. The only way internet-based companies can profit is by cheaper inks and inferior raw materials while running their operation 24/7. I’ve done my own testing on their products and I’m not impressed. If I were, I would subcontract my entire production operation to them!

There is another old saying, “When making a purchase, it’s about PRICE, QUALITY and TIMELINESS. You can never have all three. So, pick two”! If a customer is focused on low price and how fast they can receive their product, there is a greater possibility the quality will simply is not there. How about quality and a faster-than-yesterday turnaround? I remember the cartoon of the laughing man for that one! How about quality and price? Quality takes time.

That being said, we at Creative Sign and Banner will work within your reasonable time-frame and budget. Quality NEVER takes a backseat.

Signs, Material Types and How They Are Made

Creative Sign and Banner has the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture the right sign for your needs. There are many types of signs we provide, with quite a few different methods we use to create them economically and efficiently. Call us at 504-539-4601 to discuss your project or use the form below.

First and traditionally is Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl. This technology came out in the early 1980’s and is still being used today by cutting solid color adhesive roll vinyl by specialized SOFTWARE and a plotter. Creative Sign and Banner‘ in-house MAMAKI 64″ wide Cutter/Plotter to handle these jobs, small or large. Also known asReady-to-Apply Vinyl (RTA), the cut material can be applied to a wide variety of non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, cars, boats & trucks, aluminum or any other material impervious to water. RTA is best used when the applied surface will be part of the look of the finished product. Not only can it be used for signs, banners, vehicles and individual RTA lettering, it can also be used for decoration. Frosted Glass vinyl is perfect for accenting interior glass doors and walls. RTA comes pre-taped and ready to INSTALL (we’ll show you how!) or if you prefer, we will INSTALL it for you.

For more information about VINYL GRAPHICS click here.

To answer the need to produce full color images economically, Large-Format Digital Printing was introduced in the mid 1990’s. Creative Sing and Banner’s in-house 64″ wide, 8-color EPSON PRINTER reproduces the widest color gamut, with a standard resolution of 600 DPI and a max resolution of 1440 DPI (dots per inch) allowing for the most realistic reproductions of your Signs, Banners, Logos, Photos, Scenery and Advertising Products. To put into perspective, your COMPUTER monitor is only 72 DPI! (Psst…this is why we can not use graphics lifted off of the internet website or Google searches as they are created to be viewed at 72 DPI)

Photographic quality images are printed directly onto banner material, static cling, photo paper, shirt transfer material or mostly pressure-sensitive vinyl. It is then clear laminated for ultra-violet & scratch protection. The image is then mounted to surfaces such as glass, vehicles, plastic, acrylic, metals like aluminum or any other clean, non-porous surface for your finished sign.

Vibrant Photo-Realistic Digital Printing For Custom:

  • All Signs small and large
  • Plastic / Acrylic / Plexiglas / Pan Face Signs
  • Metal / Aluminum Signs
  • Coroplast / Sintra / Foam PVC Signs
  • ACM Aluminum Composite Material Signs  (Alum-Foam PVC hybrid for rigidity)
  • Full Color Vinyl Banners
  • Vinyl Decals & Labels
  • Car Truck Van Trailer Markings & Wraps
  • WINDOW  / Glass Static Cling
  • Interior and Exterior Wall Murals
  • Subsurface Signs
  • Marquee / Pylon New or Replacement Sign Inserts
  • Photograph Enlargements
  • Stage Set Pieces for Special / Corporate Events
  • Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Ask About:

  • Grand Format Digital Printing (for non-paneled large images like banners over 5 feet tall)
  • High Resolution SCANNING
  • Logo Design
  • Paper Photo or Digital Photo Editing / Restoration
  • Color Matching using the PMS Pantone Matching System
  • Matte / Satin / High Gloss Lamination
  • Specialty vinyls for porous surfaces like brick, exterior building walls, etc…

Art File Requirements

Creative Sign and Banner uses PC Windows design stations and for software we use ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE which includes:

  • Adobe Illustrator   (.ai)
  • Adobe Photoshop  (.psd)
  • We also design in CorelDraw.  (.cdr)

We also accept these files:

  • Adobe .PDF
  • .JPG / .TIFF  – High Resolution required for large format printing.
  • For MAC users: all MAC files must be exported & all fonts to outline/curves.

Files not accepted:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Logos & Graphics copied from the Internet / Web Sites / Google etc…

For more information click here: Raster vs Vector.

Color Chart

Just as quality is an important part of our company, so is color matching. Creative Sign and Banner uses the PMS PANTONE COLOR MATCHING system to ensure quality and exact coloring for your most important printed images, branding and logos.

What Affects Output Color?

  • Viewing on differently-calibrated computer monitors.
  • Printing on differently-calibrated printers.
  • Printed material without UV laminate protection.

CLICK on the standard PMS color chart below. CLICK ARROW BACK to return. If there is a particular color you would like us to use, simply reference the color number when placing your order. For best results, please view the printed version of this chart at Creative Sign and Banner. If possible bring in existing printed material with the correct color.

Raster vs Vector Art Files

“How do I get the best possible look for my graphic or sign?”

The best quality design would be the marriage of these 2 images:

  • High-resolution Raster files for photo imagery
  • Vector files for fonts, stripes, shapes, logos etc…
  • PMS Color Match codes to ensure proper color, if needed.

“I just need a sign…”

Its okay, we understand this techno-jargon is not for everyone. You do what you do best and so do we. Just give us a call and we’ll see what you have for us to work with and how we can work around it. Most times, we can “rebuild” an image and make it print-worthy.

Our facility is located in Metairie, LA near the Jefferson/Orleans parish line (see map at bottom of Welcome page). Our personal outside sales call radius serve the entire New Orleans metro area including: Kenner, Harahan, River Ridge, Gretna, Louisiana. Parishes include Orleans, East & West Jefferson, St. Tammany, St John and St. Charles. We have satisfied customers from New Jersey to Los Angeles and a few points in between so don’t hesitate to call.

To learn more, please read on…

Raster vs Vector in layman’s terms.

Raster images are created by a pattern of colored dots (as in a digital photo, internet logos, photos & graphics, scanned photos, Photoshop images etc…). The original image is usually sharp enough to use for its originalpurpose. Unfortunately, because of the lack of “digital information”, when enlarging this image for large-format digital printing, the colored dots become larger, making the image blurry or “jaggy” around the edges and therefore not appropriate for photo-quality large-format digital printing.

Accepted Raster Files: Digital File from your Camera, Edited Photoshop File (same original file size or better along with effects & fonts files), Jpg over 5mb, .Tif over 5mb.

If you wish photographic quality, the minimum size of an original source single photo file (direct from camera or an edited Photoshop file of same size) should be at least 8mb.

Raster graphic files that are not accepted for large-format digital printing: Word, Excel, “Save As” Internet Graphics, Jpgs and .Tifs under 3mb. If your graphic will be viewed from a distance, there may be some exceptions.

Vector images are created by closed single line shapes that are “filled in” with color & effects in software programs (Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps, Corel Draw .cdr). When a vector image is enlarged, it retains the sharpness needed to create a quality large-format digital print. Aside from photos, all fonts, lines, shapes, logos should be created as a vector to ensure sharpness and clarity.

PMS is the Pantone Matching System that designers use to allocate a number system to colors they when designing and printing corporate logos and graphics. Imagine seeing a FedEx truck with a different purple or a McDonalds sign more orange than red? Color is extremely important in corporate branding. These color codes help keep the consistency of color from one print industry to the other.

How can I tell how large is a file?

When you right-click on any image file in your computer, a menu will open, go to Properties. You will see the size information. This tells you how large (how much digital info it has).

1 byte
1 kb Kilobytes (equals 100,000 bytes)
1 mb Megabytes (equals 1 million bytes)
The larger the file, the more digital information, the better quality image.

Raster vs Vector Art Files

4-Color Process
CMYK. – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black.
Standard ink process for offset press industry; brochures, flyers, etc…

6-Color Process
CMYK & LtC LtM. – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta.
Standard ink process for digital print industry.

8-Color Process
CMYK & LtC LtM. – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Orange & Green
Creative Sign and Banner uses the 8 color EPSON printer to achieve the widest gamut of colors!/p>


A vector art file created in the software, Adobe Illustrator. This file type is acceptable to create wide-format graphics.

Art Charge
One-time fee associated with creating, editing a graphic or sign design.

Computer-Aided Drafting created by our qualified CAD engineer used to determine scale of an area.

A custom-cut digital print or canvas designed to “tie-in” all elements in a stage set theme.

Backlit Print
Maximum-impact interior printed media used with a back-lit source, as seen in airports, hotels and conventions. Printed using a Lambda Printer, RGB art required.

A flexible material in which to be printed onto. Materials include canvas or vinyl.

.bmp or bit-map
An outdated raster digital art file used for desktop printing or website graphics.
A .bmp does not contain enough data for wide-format output.

Canvas Banner
A printable, flexible non-glare material.

A thick paper material used as a substrate for table-tent and I. D. signs.

A vector art file created in the software, Corel Draw. This file type is acceptable to create Large-format graphics.

see 4-Color Process

Color Match
A service provided by CEG to match final output color to a client’s corporate or event color scheme. A true color match must be provided by client.

Color Scheme
A pre-determined set of specialized colors to be used in a Set, Special Event, Trade Show or Convention.

A vector-art based software program that allows the designer to marry vector images with raster images.

Custom Cut
A hand-cut, die-cut or routing of a finished product; a decal, foam core, plastic or wood.

Decal An adhesive-backed paper or vinyl sign. These may be square, round, rectangle or custom shaped.

Dimensional Graphics
Foam cut-out, plastic or metal letters, logos or graphics having depth, usually 1/4″ – 2″ thick.

Digital Photo
A digital file created by a digital camera or a scan. A raster file. Recommend the highest megapixel for the highest quality output.

Digital Signage
LED Monitors are used in concert with prerecorded media content for multipurpose use.

Directional Sign
A custom-themed sign with a rented stand, 1 or 2-sided vertical sign, usually 3′ wide by 8′ tall, used to direct flow of foot traffic or for Calendar of Events.

Dots Per Inch. The amounts of dots (graphic information) in a square inch.
See glossary for: Jaggies, .jpg, Raster art, Pixels, Pixelization, Photo, Photo Enhancement, Photoshop

An aluminum adjustable tripod to display a sign or mounted photograph.

Easel Back
A section of cardboard or plastic affixed to the rear of a small sign to keep it vertical.

Easel Sign
A 22″ x 28″ sign, usually used for breakout rooms and smaller seminars, to highlight speaker or to promote an event.

Entrance Unit
A rented custom, modular metal unit, complete with graphics; used as an entrance way for visitors.
Make a great first impression before your visitors walk through your door!

Encapsulated Postscript art file.
Exported from Adobe Illustrator, it maintains it’s preferred vector format.
Any other file (as in a jpg, gif ) converted toan .eps file will not constitute as a viable large-format digital art file.

An custom printable, flexible non-glare exterior material.

Floor Graphics / Traffic Decals
A strong, temporary adhesive decal with a heavy laminate applied to a smooth, clean surface. Can be custom cut.

Foam Core
A temporary paper-foam-paper product that is easily cut to shape, lightweight and used indoors. Used as a mounting board for graphics.

Foam PVC
Smooth-surface plastic material more durable than foam core. Brand names include Sintra and Trovicel.
Used as a mounting board for extended-use graphics.

The name and style of the text used in design.

Font Folder
The file containing all font information needed to create text.
If CEG is to edit your art design, each folder must be sent along with final art files, unlesstext is converted to curves or outlines.

A bit-mapped digital art file used for internet & website graphics. Does not contain enough data for large-format output.

Gloss finish
A shiny laminate finish added to a print to increase clarity and readability.

Grand Format Digital Printing
Printers that print from 4′ to 16′ tall by however long. Usually for large banners, billboards, etc…

Brass eyelets mounted on banners for hanging purposes.

High Contrast
A combination of colors that appear to have a stronger impact and highly visible look.

600-1400 DPI in a raster image.
I.D. Badge
A service provided by CEG to pre-print cards with identifiable information, with lanyard or clip.

I.D. Sign
A printed 7″ x 44″ cardstock sign affixed to a specific booth area for ease of identity.

Install & Dismantle
A service provided by CEG for Large decals, Floor Graphics, Banners and free-standing units.

Slang term for pixelization. The result of the enlargement of a raster art file (.jpg, .gif, bmp)

.jpeg or .jpg
A compressed raster digital art file used for desktop printing & website graphics.
Usually does not contain enough data for large-format output.

A thin sheet of clear vinyl, in gloss or matte finish, that is pressure-mounted onto a print for protection against UV, ink smudge, fingerprints & surface moisture.

A hot or cold pressure-transfer process of laminating to a sheet good.
Large-Format Digital Printing
Printers that can print up to 4 feet tall by however long.

An interior electrical box used to illuminate back-lit prints.

Line art
A line drawing on white paper, usually with black solid shapes for scanning purposes.

A company or event proprietary graphic.

Logo reproduction
The process of creating a graphic or company logo to it’s exact likeness, using the proper art file and color.

A combination of colors that appear to have a softer impact, more professional look.

Low-Resolution or Low-Res
72-150 DPI in a raster image.

MAC file
An art file created on an Apple Macintosh computer.
If you are using MAC, the art file must be converted to a PC format prior to our receipt.

Matte finish
A dull or satin laminate finish added to a print to diffuse light to decrease glare.

Menu Sign
Any sign that contains titles, sub-copy and bullets. Usually a food menu or Seminar Schedule sign.

Native Program
Graphics software in which the original art is created.

PC file
Windows-based Personal Computer art file.

A paper-printed picture, usually scanned to create a digital file.
Acceptable DPI for Photos: 600-2400 dpi at final output size.
Note: Internet & greeting card graphics (.gif & .bmp) are only 72 dpi.

Photo Op
Custom backdrop, life-size cut-out or a custom prop.
CEG can create a memorable setting for your photographer.

Photo Restoration
The process of creating or editing pixels to a digital photo file to enhance, recolor or restyle.

Software used by CEG that allows our designers to manipulate a raster image, as in a digital photo.

Dots of colored data in a raster image.
The magnification of art data to the point where the line images become extremely distorted due to the lack of data.
Try This: Magnify an image to 500%. Are your art lines “jaggy” or are they still straight? If straight, then you have a vector art file that more likely can be used as for large-format print output.

PMS Color System
Pantone Matching System. A universally-accepted, numbered color-matching system.
See Color-Matching

Pocket sign
A standard 22” x 28” multi-function sign used with an easel, with an added plexiglas pocket, used as an insert for a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

Podium Sign
A sign with company logo and / or event logo, affixed to podium.

Pole Pocket
Elongated, stitched banner holes for hanging purposes.

POP displays
Custom printed Point-of-Purchase displays used for selling or highlighting a product or service.

The final printed product. Can be printed on gloss paper, pressure-sensitive vinyl, vinyl banner material.

Print Output
The size, speed, color and DPI of the final print.

Raster Image
Computer-designed image created by the manipulation of dots as in a .jpeg, bmp, tiff.
Standard use indigital photo industry, scanned images and internet graphics.
Not for use for text or low-resolution images that must be enlarged for large-format printing.

Red, Green, Blue. Monitors use the blending of only these 3 colors to produce color for display.
Graphics on any monitor screen will appear different than a final print due to the different color interpretations.

Route Sign
A custom-themed sign with a rented stand, 1 or 2 sided sign, used to direct foot traffic to Hotels or Tours.

A digital file created by scanning a document, paper photo, film negative or other paper images.
Paper-printed photos or published photos are already pixilated. Enlarging only makes the pixels more visible.
Scan bed size: 8.5″ x 14″, up to 2400 dpi.

Screen Surround
A custom-themed full-size graphic that surrounds the video projection screen to enhance the impact of the stage.

Seminar Schedule Sign
A free-standing or easel sign containing all schedule info; including Names, dates, times, revisions, etc…

Sign Holder
A rented chrome unit for 22″ wide x 28″ tall signs, visible on both sides.

A method of increasing cash-flow while increasing sponsor visibility and awareness using strategic logo placement in signs and banners at your event.


A sturdy, flat material in which to mount a print onto.

Table-Tent Sign
A small custom, folded, free-standing placard, commonly used for table reservations.

Text or Copy
Alpha and numerical typewritten symbols used in design.



Time Frame



The approved production time table from client proof approval to completion.


Vector art



Computer-designed image created by the manipulation of lines, not dots.
Preferred art for large-format text and graphics used in programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.
See glossary for: Adobe Illustrator, ai, Corel Draw, .cdr.

Vinyl Graphics


Computer-cut adhesive vinyl applied where printed media is not applicable, usually ready-to-apply.


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